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Jean H. Jun 26, 2015 759 views

how to make money

i'm young men and i want to play soccer in my dream team real madrid...


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Jade T. May 26, 2016 695 views

What is the best way to make friends in college?

I'm scared it'll be harder to make friends when going to a huge university. I've been going to school with the same people for many years and I just want to know the easiest way to make friends...


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Abdulwahab A. Dec 05, 2016 799 views

Are the big four are the first choice for Finance/Accounting graduates?

The big four (Deloitte, EY, PwC, or KPMG) are my first option as a Finance student after I graduate. Is it the right step for me after I graduate? Should I work there for experience and move onto different company that can draw a more stable, clear, or suitable career path towards retirement?...

#accounting #financial-accounting #business #graduate #finance

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Abdulwahab A. Jan 28, 2017 952 views

Is multi-tasking a skill that is required for this job?

I am interested in working in the major of Finance. Is multi-tasking a part of it? #business #finance #accounting #personal-development...


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Kemi L. May 19, 2017 688 views

Is a business degree necessary if you want to start your own business?

My friend is on the business major track but she wonders if the degree is necessary to start her own business in the future. #business #career-details...


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Arturo G. Jan 16, 2018 918 views

How is the CPA exam?

I was just wondering if someone can tell me what is the CPA exam like #accounting...


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Arturo G. Jan 16, 2018 685 views

Best place to work as a CPA

i was just wondering where is best to work as a CPA #accounting...


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Julia B. Jan 25, 2018 235 views

How do I get over the fear of having to meet new people in college?

I am very committed to the close friends that I currently have, and I’m really scared about having to start all over with that. I don’t know how to start conversations with new people or how to make sure I don’t just lock myself away and not talk to anyone... tips?...


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Shaylee W. Jul 19, 2018 306 views

How can you maintain friendships?

While in collage can you really maintain a good friendship while being totally focused on your work. Do you think they will be understanding of your time management. #friends #collage...


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Malvika K. Aug 27, 2018 270 views

What are some of the best ways to aquire friends as soon as I get into colleg?

Many of my current friends do not want to go to the same schools as me. I do know I will have a room-mate however I would still like a friend that is around campus and not in my specific major or building....


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Oscar R. Apr 17, 2019 154 views

Whats a good school for a me to be a soccer player

Did professionals need to have a good grade in school....


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Sebastian C. Jul 31, 2019 217 views

What can i do to be successful in life?

Im a soccer player i know how to do a little bit of construction and im a workfull person...