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What can i do to be successful in life?

Im a soccer player i know how to do a little bit of construction and im a workfull person #soccer

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6 answers

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Hayley’s Answer

Always do your best even when you think no one is watching . Don;t measure yourself against others. Stand out, ask questions and always look for feedback to improve.

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Wendy’s Answer

Be happy with whatever employment choice you pick. It is important to strive to be the best but happiness is the biggest success of all. I used to allow work and dedication to my work drive my lifestyle. Now I have a better work/life balance and view this to be true success.

Wendy recommends the following next steps:

Explore careers that you think will make you happy.
Analyze why you think those careers will make you happy.
Determine if there are any outside factors swaying your opinion.

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Bryant’s Answer

Ask yourself what are 2-3 things you want to have to be successful? Do not pick a path because of money or no motivation as it will be short term and not long term success. Find 2-3 Career Paths from researching, volunteering/interning, interviewing people in the field and students studying to be in the field, look at where you would want to work at such as another city, state, country and etc.

Always work hard and using this platform allows you to gain more knowledge from the field as you will reach your goals.

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Iman’s Answer

There are lots of differents ways you can work to be successful in life! It's great you love soccer- which means you must have played soccer on a team, which means you are a great time player, motivated, and determined! My advice would be to master some skills like time-management, organization, and intrapersonal skills so that you can be successful in all aspects of your life if you are organized and manage your time well.

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Julianne’s Answer

Ask a lot of questions and have lots of long term relationships with mentors. Make SMART goals (Google “SMART goals”). You need a plan based on a timeline that works for you. Be resourceful and ask for help. Let me know if you have any questions or need help drafting SMART goals for your coming year in college.

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Brad’s Answer

Decide where you want to be, and then make decisions that will get you there.

Ask lots of questions, analyze the answers, and then form your own opinions.

Make a plan and stick to it.