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Gianna R. Jul 27, 2019 321 views

How do I invest in the stock market?

Hello, I am a first year finance major at a university and I have been researching various types of investments. I am interested in investing some of my money in the DOW, S&P and Amazon. I do not know which brokerage firm is the best, or if ETF's are the best choice or how to even start...

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Sebastian C. Jul 31, 2019 220 views

What can i do to be successful in life?

Im a soccer player i know how to do a little bit of construction and im a workfull person...


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Angel J. Jul 31, 2019 98 views
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Tiana F. Aug 07, 2019 251 views

What do you like most /least about your job?

Hi my name is Tiana Frazier and I am interested in the field of computer technician. I could use advice from someone who has experience in this career. Do you have time in the next two weeks to meet for about 20 minutes? #computer-engineering I would really like to learn more about the...

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Bedu L. Aug 20, 2019 159 views
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Jazmine S. Oct 15, 2019 248 views

The career you've chose this year seemed like the one that best fits you, but if you had a choice to pick a new career, would you change it or not?

I want to major in Anthropology, but it seems like sooner or later down my career path, I would want to become a Engineer that builds new homes or remodels homes. So it's like I'm debating on what career I would choose first. #career #college #career-choice #career-path #college-major...

#engineering #anthropology

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jesse R. Oct 16, 2019 169 views
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mikayla K. Nov 08, 2019 145 views