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I am lost to what i wanna be when I grow up but I just know I love animals so what path should I take?

Love animals
I have worked with dogs before and just recently I just realized I wanna work with them just know where to start #animals

2 answers

Kim’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas


You might look at volunteering at one of the shelters. I know the Animal Defense League has a great volunteer program. Or possibly even working at one, I don't know how old you are . Another place you may look for work is at one of the Doggy Daycare Facilities. I take my dog to Lucy's Doggy Daycare on Thousand Oaks. They also have a Downtown location and one out Northwest. There is also a program that uses horses for therapy for people with disabilities. It is called Saddlelight, I think.

Beyond the traditional jobs, such as veterinary or zoo type jobs, there are many others. One that comes to mind is environmental sciences, where you would do research to help protect endangered species, such as how to improve their habitat, or even legal work where you would try to stop things that are endangering animals. . . .say like if wind turbines are killing bald eagles, what do we do?

As for schooling, I recommend a strong science and math background for traditional animal care jobs. If going in another direction interests you, say like pet therapy or legal programs, you would need to add other areas for those. While in HS, you cannot go wrong if you challenge yourself as much as possible. For example, speech class, because you do not want to find yourself in a position where you are underprepared for later life choices!

p.s. also look at the school's FFA program!!

Danielle’s Answer

I think finding a career in an area you are most passionate will help you thrive and succeed. I too love animals and share that passion to work with them. I took a different career path but find time to fill that passion for animals by volunteering with different animal welfare groups. There are many options for your career path. Have you thought about how you want your work to look? Do you want to work directly with animals or do you want a career in an area where your work supports animals? Are you focusing your career on pets or on all animals? You can be a veterinarian, or hold a corporate position in an animal welfare company, create your own animal minded business. I did a quick internet search and found a wealth of resources to help guide you on your path. To get an idea of the various jobs available and just how broad they can be, visit veganjobs.com.  There is an article on glassdoor.com that lists 17 of the coolest jobs that involve working with animals. I hope this information is helpful and good luck!