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What interview questions are most common that employers ask, more spicifically if your being interviewed for a retail job?

Asked Lakeland, Florida

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Stacy’s Answer

Updated Dallas, Texas

Most retailers will want to get to know as much about your personality as they can during the interview. That said, they may ask you questions regarding how you may handle difficult or challenging situations that involve your interaction with a customer. Those questions may be, "how would you assist a customer that wasn't quite sure of the product they wanted? or What is an example of great customer service to you?"

Alejandro’s Answer

Updated Mexico City, Mexico

Hello Olivia,

In any interview it is important that you show yourself as natural as possible, always be relax and positive, more confident the better, when you apply for any job always investigate about the company, what they do, what would be the type of activities that you´ll perform, what is company´s business related to prior to the day of the interview, this is very important because you can identify if youñre really interested in getting that job and if you have the skills, on the other hand, employer will get a better impression if you're informed.


Kimberly’s Answer

Updated Keller, Texas
Common interview questions: What are your longterm career goals? What are you strengths and weaknesses? Situational scenarios such as provide an example of how you handled conflict

Milton’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

Always enter an interview with confidence, listen intently for follow-up question, and make it conversational but in a very professional manner.

Hendra’s Answer

Updated Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

one open question that usually provide opportunity to let the employer knows how you can significantly contribute to the retail company is to be prepared on " ... how do you think you will fit in this role?.."