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What tips do you have that will help me better prepare to enter the medical field?

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4 answers

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Richard’s Answer

In the US, to apply to medical school, you need a bachelor's degree. Any 4-year university should suffice.

Pick a college that suits your personality and a major that interests you. You will need to get good grades in college in order to apply for medical school. At the medical school I attended, the average GPA is reported to be 3.85, so even one or two B's can hurt your chances of acceptance.

Aside from this, any major is acceptable as long as you complete the prerequisite courses.

Typical medical school prerequisites include:
Biology: Lecture – 4 semesters; Lab – 1 semester
General Chemistry: Lecture – 2 semesters; Lab – 1 semester
Organic Chemistry: Lecture – 2 semesters; Lab – 1 semester
Biochemistry: Lecture – 1 semester
General Physics: Lecture – 2 semesters; Lab – 1 semester
Math: Statistics – 1 semester
English: Rhetoric (Composition) and Literature – 2 semesters

During college study for and complete the MCAT. Also look for opportunities for shadowing , volunteering, and research.

Apply to medical schools during your last year of college.

Medical school takes 4 years to complete.

After medical school physicians complete a residency for additional training. These can last 3-6 years and are sometimes followed by an additional year or two of fellowship subspecialty training.

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Rachel’s Answer

Sometimes choosing a career is easier when you learn what is involved in getting to that career. General surgery is a great field requiring a medical doctorate. This means that you will have to complete college with a bachelor’s degree as well as all of the Pre-med requirements (1 year biology, 1 year inorganic chemistry, 1 year organic chemistry + labs, physics, calculus, and biochemistry). GPA should probably be 3.5 or better (preferably >3.8). You will also have to score well on the MCAT. Once accepted to medical school, as long as you pass your classes and perform reasonably well during your four years of medical training, you can apply for a general surgery 5 year residency. Following that, you will likely apply for a 1-3 year fellowship. This career path requires 14+ years of school after high school but is very fulfilling and challenging work.

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Estelle’s Answer

These are all great answers. I would like to add that shadowing physicians will give you an idea of which specialty will fit your personality. Before fulfilling all the requirements, you will need to be sure that the medical field is right for you. It's a long and arduous process with fantastic job opportunities with fulfilling careers, so you want to be sure that you are fully committed.

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Ann Sears Dotson’s Answer

I think you have to do some soul-searching and make sure this is really what you want, why, and what interests you about the medical field. Then look for opportunities where you can be exposed to those areas that interest you. Be a volunteer at a hospital, nursing home, etc. The medical field is vast and you can find an area that appeals to what interests you. Good luck to you!!!

Ann Sears Dotson recommends the following next steps:

Talk to a variety of medical field workers if you don't know what area you are interested.
Do internet searches to read about various professions.
If you are still in school, focus on science and then math. Talk to school counselors.