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what is the best hospital for surgeons?

Asked Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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David’s Answer


Briseida, one of the best, is right there in Milwaukee! Froedtert. Any major city, where there is a lot of blunt and penetrating trauma. If you want to be a surgeon, I can tell you from the surgeons that I know and have worked with, that penetrating trauma seems to be their passion. Go to Froedtert and tell them you want to be a surgeon. Ask them if you can observe an operation, when one comes in. I did this in my home town, when I was eighteen and they let me. Don’t be afraid to ask. Tell them you want to speak to the chief of trauma services. If you cannot, write them a letter. If that doesn’t work, talk to the charge nurse of the OR. If you have to get in working as an OR janitor, at least your in. Get the book: “Do you” by, Russel Simmons. That will help you succeed at anything. If you read that book, you won’t need my help anymore.