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What are some good schools for surgeons?

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2 answers

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Casey’s Answer

Great question Zenia!

Before I can answer that, let's talk about the three steps it takes to become a surgeon after high school.

1) College. When you graduate from high school, you will start by going to college to ultimately get a 4-year degree. You can start at a community college and transfer to a larger one later if you like! You can actually get any degree you like there, however you'll need to take a set of college classes that are together called "pre-med". Mostly this is a lot of biology, chemistry, and physics!

2) Medical School. After you graduate from college with your degree, you will take the MCAT (it's like the SATs) and go to a medical school! These can take 4 years as well, and usually the first 2 years will teach you a lot about all kinds of medicine in the classroom. In your second two years, you get to do what's called a "rotation" where you spend time with different doctors that work in different medical fields. Surgery is one of those fields, but you'll also get to see a bunch of other stuff like helping children or people sick with diseases. During those 2 years you'll decide which field you like the most (maybe surgery!) or you can decide that you want to be a general practitioner which is like your doctor you go to for checkups.

3) Residency. After you've graduated from medical school and you've decided on your speciality, you will get matched to a hospital where you can start helping people! A residency is usually 3-years and acts like on-the-job training - you are actually helping patients but you're working with more experienced doctors that help you out. These doctors-in-training are called "residents".

When you ask what is a good school for being a surgeon, it's more important to look at Medical Schools and Residencies. Your undergraduate college is very important, but you're not going to learn specifically about surgery there.

To find a good medical school for surgery you can start by looking at a ranking website like US News: Right now Johns Hopkins is the best in the country according to them!

For a surgery residency, it looks like University of California, San Francisco is a good one!

Overall though, no matter what med school or residency you go to, if you complete the program you'll be a Surgeon!

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Jorge’s Answer

There are many good medical schools for surgery. There are also many types of surgery specializations. Here is an article which lists the top 10 surgery schools,