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Is being a surgeon fun/interesting?

I think its interesting i mean i only watch videos on it Marie E.

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5 answers

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Matthew’s Answer

Great question. I have been a surgeon for over 15 years, but it took me four years of college, four years of medical school, and five more of surgery training to become one. That's a lot of years to dedicate to your future profession, so be prepared for a HUGE commitment. The think I like most about surgery is that every day brings something different. It feels good to be able to cure disease and help people with the skill of my own hands and mind. It can be very stressful at times, especially when there is a bad outcome. I hope you think long and hard about whether being a surgeon is right for you.

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Rachel’s Answer

Absolutely, this is a fun, interesting job. I enjoy operating on a patient and providing an almost immediate fix to what was previously a life-threatening problem. There is great satisfaction that comes with taking a person from "cancer patient" to "survivor".

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Alexandra’s Answer

Hi Zoe,

Being a surgeon is definitely hard work. Between college and taking pre Med courses as well as completing medical school and residency the road may seem daunting, but it can also be very rewarding. If you are someone who likes solving problems, helping people, and working with your hands this will be a very fulfilling career. The road is certainly tough, however, being trusted by patients to take care of them and their families during very difficult times is a real privilege. If you are interested I highly recommend pursuing!

Alexandra recommends the following next steps:

Take science and health courses
Pre Med classes in college
Apply to medical school!

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Estelle’s Answer

I chose the field of gynecology because I enjoy performing surgery as well as working in clinic. Yes, surgery is a fascinating aspect of medicine.

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Hussein’s Answer

Hey Zoe everything has beauty you just have to find it in it.