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Hashir A. Nov 02, 2016 440 views

How to interview at a medical school? (MMI)

I have an upcoming interview at a medical school that hold their interviews by a Multiple-Mini-Interview style. Can anyone give a way to prepare for a MMI? I have read up on it, but was wondering if anyone has any personal anecdotes on how it went for them and if they would do anything...

#interviews #mmi #medicine

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Mia O. Jan 10, 2018 287 views
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Opeoluwa E. Apr 09, 2019 193 views

I will like to be a pediatrician but don't know which university to study pls which university should I chose

I love children and I want to be a #doctor so I thought I should be a...


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Irene M. May 08, 2020 171 views

Doctor’s professors

I’m curious about Professors in medical schools Are they doctors too. If no how come they have great knowledge and still not doctors #doctor #premed #surgery...