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What would you say is our hospital's greatest asset to the community?

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2 answers

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John’s Answer


First off, what hospital are you talking about?

Secondly, there is no possessive “s” or apostrophe s (‘s) in the title Physician Assistant (PA).

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Alexandra’s Answer

Great question! When I think of hospitals
I think of a place where people can come when they need help. Patients have many medical conditions that range from minor to severe and a hospital that offers both inpatient and outpatient services is able to provide care for those in need. No one is ever turned away. It is for this reason that I think of hospitals as a place that people come to feel safe and protected. We offer many services that are not just meant to help someone physically feel better (though that is of course important). If you are someone who is interested in joining a hospital in some capacity for a career, I definitely recommend looking into volunteer opportunities so you can see what it is like. Medicine has many different avenues and to be able to help people in need is incredibly rewarding!