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What kind of diplomas do you need?

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3 answers

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Tony’s Answer

The requirement of a diploma in software and computer engineering is overall being relaxed as a requirement. If you have the resources to attend college I always recommend doing it as you will never have that time again in your life to spend 4 years of pure education.

If you do attend, I would look at Computer Science, Data and other fields for cutting edge technology.

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Tom’s Answer

for some jobs, a two year degree or tech school certificate is enough, other jobs require a 4 yr college degree (BS in computer science as I have or electrical engineering) or even a masters degree. I added an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) a couple of years after graduating from college to 'round out' my technical degree with business knowledge.

Tom recommends the following next steps:

go to companies web sites, like cisco.com or google.com and look at their job postings. read the description of the position and look at the hiring requirements. Often, the best way to get a job is to have someone you know refer you.

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Angelo’s Answer

You'll find that most employers will require a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science in order to pursue a career in Software Development. That being said, there are other avenues you can take to become a developer. There are now many Bootcamps where you take a specific and accelerated "class" to learn a specific language or system where once completed, you will get a certification that shows that you are knowledgable in a specific technology which you can use in the position that you are applying for.

Angelo recommends the following next steps:

Read through career applications and see whether a four year degree is necessary or if an equivalent certification would be enough
Research bootcamps to learn any specific system like web development, UX/UI design, and etc.
Pursue higher education at a college or university