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Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Chicago, Illinois
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Hanan Mar 08, 2019 471 views

How can analyzing a heatmap help with medical research? #tech

I've heard that if you are doing any type of medical research, it's helpful to analyze a heatmap, why is that?

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Cali Apr 30, 2019 810 views

What are some things that are the same about Elementary and Middle School?

#education #career #school #teacher #teaching

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Mei Wei Mar 09, 2019 499 views

VR technology and Education

How can VR technology be more geared for students to experience more training in their field of study?

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Jacqueline Apr 23, 2019 397 views

What are 4 thing i need to know about this job?

Fitness & Wellness Coordinator

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Alex May 01, 2019 578 views

How can I be a Professional Gamer and get money.

I see people getting over $10000 on plaing videogames #computer-games

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Zacariah May 01, 2019 578 views

What kind of diplomas do you need?

#Software #software-development