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What degree do I need to qualify in my work?

Asked El Paso, Texas

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Lisa’s Answer

Updated Greencastle, Pennsylvania

It depends on what line of work you want to go into. If you want to be a doctor, you'd need a PhD or MD, depending on the type of Dr. To be an electrician, you'd need to go to trade school and do an apprenticeship.

L.N.’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas

Hi Josue!

It's great to see that you are looking into degree options! To better answer your question, tell me what is your current occupation or what is the type of work that you are interested in? Different occupations may require different qualifications related to the nature of the work, duties, and skill-sets. With this being said, a degree that is most related to your job will develop and enhance your skills. There are also general and more broad degrees, such as: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Interdisciplinary Studies (multifaceted studies), Associate of Arts, etc.

DeLynn’s Answer

Updated Chino Hills, California
It depends on your profession. If mortgage financing is your goal, a degree in finance would be beneficial