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How can your previous work experience compare/translate to future opportunities like this current call center position I have?

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4 answers

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Thomas’s Answer

It sounds like you want to show that you have the skills to work in that call center environment. I can tell you, as someone who has worked in a call center, that customer service, stress management, prioritization, and problem solving all come into play for that role. If you have previous work experience, focus on those areas. It could be that you worked in retail and have experience working with angry customers and make sure the y are satisfied, or worked as a server in a restaurant and had to keep track of four tables of customers at once and provided a good experience. In any case, show that you have evidence that you are up to the task.

If you don't have previous work experience, as Kim said, you can use situations in your personal life to support the same conclusions.

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Jacob’s Answer

i would like to add that you really need to be tailoring your resume/job applications to the specifics of the role in question, including the terminology used in the job posting. For example, my title is Software Engineer, but if the job posting refers to this as "software developer" or something that is the same role, I will adjust the title or use that phrase in the description so that it is picked up int he automated system.

Never lie and try not to exaggerate, but it is perfectly okay to change names and descriptions of what you do to match the same type of things that another company calls something else.

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Ramya’s Answer

The call center job focuses on customer handling primarily and the current industry being customer oriented this will help you in all ways.

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Kim’s Answer


This is asking you about your "transferable skills." You first need to identify what skills are needed in the call center position:

  1. customer service
  2. maintaining confidentiality of information (credit card numbers, etc)
  3. working in a fast-paced environment
  4. meeting or exceeding expectations (quotas, production goals, etc)

Then look at previous jobs and show how they are similar. If you have no previous work experience, look towards school, church, or other extracurricular activity. For example, if you had to show up early every day for swim practice, worked in car washes, etc. If you have no such experience, then show how you met these things with school classes - such as having to stay organized and meet assignment deadlines, etc.