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How can I determine the amounts of shifts/hours of work for being a therapist/any person to help with mental health or a marine biologist/ underwater photographer and how can it overtake someone's life (will it take a lot of time out of their day?)

Asked Woodside, CA

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Serah’s Answer

Updated Seattle, Washington

Mental health therapists are often self-employed and get to set their own schedules. The amount of hours worked is determined by how much money that person wants/needs to make. Other therapists work in hospital or institutional settings and have 35-40 hour/wk jobs. The marine biologist/underwater photographer work is a different topic. Marine biologists do original research, whereas photographers are focused on documenting what is there.

Serah recommends the following next steps:

  • Visit the public aquarium in your region and ask the staff to tell you about the marine biologists and photographers that work with them.
  • Ask your friends and family to introduce you to a mental health therapist and interview them for a half-hour about their day. Make sure you find out how they refresh themselves after their shifts.