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Is technology harming our culture and traditions ?

Hi, I am Jatin studying in 9th class
I think technology is helping us in many ways. And my is Is technology is harming our
old traditions and culture somewhere.

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5 answers

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Betty’s Answer

Hi Jatin,

You bring up a good question. Technology is not harmful per se, and can used for good and bad causes. Take social media for example. Online social media allows people to connect with each other globally and it's easier to make friends online. But there are also pitfalls in that too much social media and not enough in person interaction can be detrimental to real life interactions, especially for kids who need it the most. Also, there are many groups out there that attempt to sway people's beliefs and attitudes towards extreme thinking and actions. Look at how far reaching of an impact and consequences this has played in US politics, even skewing presidential elections.

If you look at another example like cell phones, it's been truly revolutionary how this device has helped global communities. Africans in small towns rely on cell phones to communicate and get basic necessities and even start their own small business using cell phones. It's not technology itself that is bad, it's really those in power who control and harness it that can do bad deeds.

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Padmanaban’s Answer

Humans are still evolving over millions of years and we are still understanding the nature, discovering various ways of interactions with nature! Hence, Technologies or any discoveries / inventions are a steppingstone / milestone for the mankind, and these are just tools that always has both advantages or disadvantages.
1. Wireless Communication. From past 2 decades there is lot of technology enhancement in this domain.
Advantages: Humans can communicate across the globe at finger tip irrespective of Terrains and interact much faster compared to sending letters.
- The art of writing letters has diminished as we are able to communicate through various other ways.
- There could be health hazard for humans; birds are getting impacted which had direct impact to nature and biological life cycle.

2. Image Processing / Photography:
- Digital Photography has helped mankind to understand better from Astronomy (images from various stars) to underwater ocean images. This has helped us to understand nature better with improved clarity.
- Disadvantages: Abuse of digital photography technology by taking images without consent, digital plagiarism etc.

3. Building Temples in India:
- Building Temples was a pride for the Kings and their kingdom, as it showed their glory and valor during their reign.
The Art of building temples by our ancestors are not clear as we are not aware on the best tools they used. But, we have evolved by discovering various tools and now we are building sky scrapers way beyond our imaginations.

Thus, any discovery should be applied judiciously!

Cultures and traditions are like law of conservation of energy (i.e., Energy can be transformed from one form to another, but can be neither created nor destroyed.)

Therefore, Cultures and traditions will evolve over generations!

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Brandon’s Answer

This depends on how it is used. When it comes to using technology it can provide us with a lot of insight on other cultures that you may not have known about if it wasn't for technology itself. Some of these traditions and cultures can be properly kept in tact by using technology itself, such as by recording a video of traditional dances and putting it online for the tradition to stay alive, even if some people do not perform the same traditions now.

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Rebecca’s Answer

Everything is their pros and cons. It depends on how people use it. E.g. The original intention of Marie Curie to do research on radioactivity is to help people development rather than military purpose. Nowadays, Technology helps us a lot especially under the pandemic.
Technology itself is neutral. The most important thing is how we use the technology. People should do more to preserve our own culture and tradition if we treasure our own culture. It is not mutually exclusive.
E.g. We can preserve some historical architectures to turn it for some modern usage instead of locking it down.
We are plenty of things we can do. But, we have to think more and do more.
Hope this helps!

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Ron’s Answer

If used correctly, technology is giving us more exposure to and helping us all learn more about other cultures. We should all have open minds and use what we learn to be better members of the human race. Knowing more about and enjoying all of what other cultures offer help us enjoy all of our world.