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Jacob R. Jacob R. May 19, 2016 538 views

Employment Opportunities?

I'm #undecided about what I would like my career to be after college. How needed are athletic trainers? If I go into Athletic Management, what kind of jobs would I be qualified to do and how available are they? I'm hoping to see some options that maybe I have not thought of. #management...


nisha P.’s Avatar
nisha P. nisha P. Jun 28, 2019 210 views

what job hires 16 years olds and has flexible hours?

I need a second job. I have one job, but I do not work everyday. So on the days I do not work my first job, I can work my second job and earn double money....


Jody K.’s Avatar
Jody K. Jody K. Apr 10, 2020 221 views

Improve academic writing

Hi, I am currently a University student studying something related to social sciences. The course mostly requires me to write a lot of academic essays which I have a lot of trouble in. The main problem with my essays relate to being clear and coherent, and critical writing. Although I spoke...


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Jatin D. Jatin D. May 09 82 views

Is technology harming our culture and traditions ?

Hi, I am Jatin studying in 9th class I think technology is helping us in many ways. And my is Is technology is harming our old traditions and culture somewhere....