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What would a day look like for a Electrical Engineer in the SIgnals and Communications field?

I've decided that I wanted to become a Electrical Engineer since 9th grade, and now that I'm a senior I found that being in the signals and communication field interests me the most. So, I was just wondering what a work day would look like for someone that mostly deals with signals and communication. #engineer

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Michael’s Answer

THIS IS FOR THE INDUSTRIAL GAS, OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY. Different industries would have very different experiences.

You would most likely be functioning as a technical resource engineer at a company like Siemens or Emerson-Rosemount. What this means is that you would travel to many different sites (literally ALL over the world) to help plants install your product. If you are working at Siemens and a company has purchased your most advanced laser oxygen detection system, you would be the person on site to ensure the installation was completed correctly.

Once you can ensure your product is installed correctly, you can then do all the fiddling on the product's PLC if it has one. If the product has one, you may then need to set up communications between the product's PLC and the plant's control room DCS. For really large companies with internal resources, you may support their controls engineer to troubleshoot issues. For smaller companies without internal resources, you may be the person doing all the coding.