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Are the hours longer as a doctor compared to a nurse practitioner?

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2 answers

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Hafsa’s Answer

The hours of a doctor and Nurse practitioners are essentially the same in Clinic, but the responsibility that a doctor has is much more. If there is any uncertainty over the course of action, then even the NP has to consult the primary doctor for the same. In addition to this, majority of doctors work in the hospital, so timings for an inpatient doctor are much worse than that of an NP, depending on the specialty. Although Family Physicians schedule is close to that of Nurse practitioners, their lifestyle in residency is like that of any other in-patient doctor, most surgical specialists have to spend a lot more time in the hospital than their other counterparts.

So in summary, the lifestyle of a doctor depends on their specialty, and in some specialties, its close to that of an Nurse Practitioners , with more responsibility and in others, the timings are not even comparable.

Hafsa recommends the following next steps:

I suggest you look up an article on Medscape about comparison of different specialties, which will give you a better idea.

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Richard’s Answer

In my practice, radiology, mid level providers such as PAs and NPs have better hours. They leave when the procedures such as barium studies, biopsies, and image guided drainages are complete for the day. We radiologists cover the ER reading plain films, CTs and US studies around the clock. On the other hand, we radiologists get more vacation weeks than the mid level providers.