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What does an Entrepreneur do?

Asked Redwood City, California

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Mukunda’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Entrepreneur is someone who identifies a business opportunity/problem and creates a solution that is made available to a large number of people in an affordable way and being profitable.

Nil Kamal’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Entrepreneurs are the people who have special skillsets along with a vision to use those skillsets to achieve success along with financial gain. They are the examples of the achievers. First of all, an Entrepreneur should have the ability to imagine something new which at present my sound bizarre. Along with the "idea", there should be a practical approach to bring that idea to reality. It can begin from a very small level to the level of changing the human fate. Walking the path of being "Entrepreneur" demands a lot of patience and focus on the long term achievements.

It would be very hard to put into specific numbers for what an Entrepreneur do. However, if I really have to answer, then we can put the below points:

  1. Hard working along with smart working. You need to know how to balance the both world.
  2. Do whatever it takes to shape your "Idea" to an existence.
  3. Do not focus on short-term achievement. Focus on what output it can provide in the end and then you will realize that it's worth waiting for.
  4. If your "Idea" is on a bigger level, try to find a sponsorship. There you need to utilize your ultimate convincing power and transfer the dream to others.
  5. Measure every step before putting them to an action. You don't want to fall back. As that would take away your time and your energy both.
  6. Believe in giving back to the society. Small things in life has really great influence and these are connected to every class of people.

There are many more basic requirements and responsibilities for an Entrepreneur. I would like to conclude my answer saying.... stay hungry and stay focused.

Tom’s Answer

Updated Seattle, Washington

What an entrepreneur does, mainly, is to lose lots of their money in the business they started. I've been there. I don't mean to be discouraging or negate any of the good suggestions of the others here. Just a warning that the toughest job any entrepreneur ever faces is knowing when to call it quits, and the majority of the business that get started don't make it. When a business fails it means there were more senses than income, and usually the owner is the one stuck with the bills.

So, the allure of self-employment is strong, but you need to be brutally honest on how you will measure a lack of success. You will have NO trouble in how you measure success however! :) Plan carefully. Run your plans by a skeptical authority. Listen to their advice. Good luck!