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How often is it that a NBA player can be a chef?

Im asking this because i want to be a chef but i also want to go to the nba although i could do both. #sport

I honestly believe you can become a chef as a NBA player.A good example of one is Kevin Durant he had restaurant back when he was in OKC.He didn't cook the food, but if you were to cook you can cook if you have time and play ball when needed to. Jacob C.

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Daniela’s Answer


Being a player in the NBA and working as a chef in a restaurant, are very different careers of each other, and both require a lot of effort, discipline, training and dedication, sometimes even full-time. Thus, although you want to work in these two careers, the ideal would be that you first devote your time, education and skills in one of two.

The focus is very important for the development and progress of any profession. In addition, time is a valuable resource and being in two careers at the sime time, may become more difficult, and exhausting, to be performing a job with quality, efficiency and results for you, for the team and for the organization.

What you can do is to delimit time or a period to devote to each of these two careers. For example, work for 10 or 15 years as a player, and then pursue your dream of becoming a chef (this is only a suggestion).

Now it's up to you. Reflect calmly on what is priority for you at the time, and good luck in your decision !!!