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Can you work in a hospital as an RN while still in college to be an APN?

Asked Lima, Callao Region, Peru

I want to be a nurse but i would like to be able to work as an RN until i get my APN #nurse #rn

2 answers

Teresa’s Answer

Updated Memphis, Tennessee

Dear Sierra, Absolutely! Many nurses work as an RN while they are in school to become an advanced practice nurse. You will pass the exam (NCLEX) to become an RN and will learn valuable skills in your unit of choice- As you grow in practical knowledge, the classes will make more sense and you will have your work experience to draw from while you learn. I think it is the best way to get your education, rather than going straight thru school without applying your skills to real life situations. Great plan Sierra! Good luck on your future. Teresa

Tara’s Answer

Updated Bethesda, Maryland

Yes, you absolutely can and I recommend that you do! There are many hospitals (larger university based medical centers) that will actually help you pay for your graduate degree while working for them. For example, I worked in the NICU full time three days per week and then went to graduate school part time on Tuesdays and Thursday's and my employer paid for almost all of my tuition! It was a win-win situation! Good luck to you!