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Lima, Callao Region, Peru

Within 40 mile radius
Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Mar 14 903 views

How does a day in the life of a data analyst look like?

I am a 24 year old business student with an interest in data analytics.

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Mariel Mar 14 720 views

What career path should i choose to gain credibility in the field of performing arts and arts education?

I currently work at a private performing arts academy as a dance teacher and head of the academic department. I am in charge of creating curricula for the program and supervising the production team to give artistic input in departments such as scenography. I first started as a student in 2019...

Diana’s Avatar
Diana Dec 04, 2020 1652 views

what should i do? i hate my major, i dont want to be a teacher

Im 22 years old girl and im in my third year of Preschool Education (it takes 5 years) , im gonna be a teacher and i hate t i dont know why did i choose that major, i hate to see myself in the mirror, and i hate to think in my future because im gonna become the person i always fear i fear to...

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Angela Apr 23, 2020 466 views

How do i send my cv?

I want to apply as a volunteer #volunteer

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Sierra Mar 08, 2016 1283 views

Can you work in a hospital as an RN while still in college to be an APN?

I want to be a nurse but i would like to be able to work as an RN until i get my APN #nurse #rn

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