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I am thinking of entering colleges and universities that has good athletic teams. Does any of you know colleges and universities that has good athletic teams?

Updated Dalian, Liaoning, China

I am thinking of sports like Badminton. And it's helpful if they will teach me from the basics. It's not like I don't know the basics but if I make mistakes and misses, I want them to fix it. #college #sports #athletics

4 answers

Paul’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

There are plenty of schools that have great athletic teams and depending upon the sport, you may be looking at division 1, 2 or 3 level schools. For example, if you were considering a major sport like football or basketball you would be focusing on D1 level schools but unless you were offered a scholarship or had very great skills as a walk-on you chances of making the team would be slim.

Since you are considering badminton I think you need to do some research to determine which schools have badminton teams. Once you have a list you could contact the athletic department of each school to get additional information such as available scholarships, # of open spots, etc.

You should also consider intramural teams. These are recreational sports organized within a particular institution, usually an educational institution, or a set geographic area. So while you wouldn't be representing the university against another school, you could at least get a chance to play the sport you enjoy and at the same time learn how to get better.

Khristian’s Answer

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The Division level of the school teams are going to determine that for you. For example a D3 school doesn’t always require players from high school, can be a walk on team, and have tryouts for college students. D1 would be what you may be looking towards. This is usually where the university would provide scholarships to be on the team as well as GPA requirement to stay active on the team.

Maddy’s Answer

Updated Tampa, Florida

I went to Boise State and we have great athletic teams! Our gymnastics, track and field, basketball, softball, and soccer all have great programs!

Andrew’s Answer

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Hi Kanon,

There are many colleges here in the United States that have great athletic programs. That being said, it is worth while to do some research about each school seeing as most schools usually specialize in certain sports. Here in the US, there are three divisions of sports leagues. D1, D2, and D3. D1 is the most competitive. Some examples of schools with great overall athletic programs include The University of Alabama, Ohio State, Stanford, University of Florida, University of Georgia, USC, UCLA, and many more. I recommend doing some research about the specific sport you are interested in. Good luck!