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Whats are the values your company upholds that makes them employers you would want to work for?

Asked East Orange, New Jersey

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Francis’s Answer

Updated Seattle, Washington

This is a very important question! Glad you are thinking about how you would like your employer to reflect values you personally uphold. This is of course different for everyone, but when looking at a company's website that you are interested in pursuing employment for, there are some key terms you can look for to see where they explain their values. These will usually be included on a company website's career posting page. For example, if you search for something like "Microsoft careers," it will pull up the landing page where you can apply, but also provide a summary of reasons why this particular company is a great place to work.

After finding where a company's values are described, the rest will be up to you to decide. For me personally, I look for companies that have Corporate Responsibility initiatives that I align with. This term is often used to describe the volunteer initiatives and social issues a company aligns itself with to give back to the community in which it operates. For example, a company could describe the actions it is accomplishing to help its community recover from national disasters, assist in fighting hunger and homelessness issues, making efforts to improve the environment, etc. I like to see that the company I am working for is making an effort to improve the surrounding community. I additionally look for other things on the career landing page that describe how a company values its employees. This includes looking at the benefits they provide to employees (like healthcare, vacation time, etc.), opportunity for career growth and adaptability, and an overall investment in my personal development in my career by describing the priority it upholds to ensure its employees feel supported in communicating their career goals and how it aligns with the job you currently have. This is important to know you feel supported by your employer in exploring the many options you have even within your own company to make sure your skill set aligns with your job!

In short, look for places where you feel, at the end of the day, you are supported in finding what you want and that the values of the company reflect the values you personally show to your own peers.

Arden’s Answer

Updated Seattle, Washington

Hello, Antonio! I love this question and I am lucky to work at a Company that upholds strong values that are aligned with my personal values. For example, I work for PwC, which is a public accounting firm, and what really struck a chord with me about PwC was their focus on diversity, inclusion, and overall being kind humans to one another. For me, in such a large Company, it is extremely important for the place that I spend a majority of my days, takes steps to positively impact the world around us. Outside of my specific views and opinions, when searching for a job, and where to work, the Company's website is a great resource to learn more about their values and what actions they are taking to perpetuate those values in to the working environment as well as the world at large. Additionally, another great way to learn about a Company's values is to talk to people that actually work there! It seems simple, but to meet people who are working there, it's a really good pulse check to see if what the Company is broadcasting as their values and how the employees that work there actually perceiving those values. Overall, having a strong sense of your personal values is the perfect place to start, and from there you can figure out what Company's align with those values!

Tess’s Answer

Updated Berkeley, California

Hi Antonio!

My company's corporate values are:

1) Authenticity

2) Passion

3) Accountability

4) Connectedness

5) Boldness

One thing that really struck me when I was interviewing with my company was how often my interviewers referenced the corporate values. Often, a company will have values just for the sake of having values, and they won't show up in your daily work very often - they function more as a "check the box" exercise to display on the company's website.

A good way to see how deeply rooted a company's values are is to ask in your interview - for each person you speak to, you can ask, "What are your company's values? How do you think they affect your daily work?" If they stare at you blankly, they are probably "check the box" values, versus true company values. :)

Kerri LO’s Answer

Updated Tampa, Florida

The values of my company are Working Together, Making a Difference, Care, Delivering Quality, and Acting with Integrity. These values create a company culture that values the individual person and their differences. In addition, my company places an emphasis on giving back to the community through volunteer opportunities that strengthen our team and communities.

Shannon’s Answer

Authenticity and Passion are 2 core values that my company looks for in individuals. It is important to be the best version of yourself at work and to be passionate about the work that you are contributing - it makes a big impact on your personal experience, professional career and your company culture!

Scott’s Answer

Great Question! Our company has values that it clearly articulates to all employees.

Be Bold

Be Accountable

Be Connected

Be Passionate

I'm happy to say we live these values and it makes life better for everyone.