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How can I get the opportunity to move up to a higher position in this business?

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Charles’s Answer

Updated Northborough, Massachusetts

In general being at a company that is in a high growth industry will allow you more opportunities to move up to the next level. When you look for your first couple jobs out of school make sure you think strategically about industry growth attached to the job being offered rather than what you will immediately be working on. With hard work and determination you will move up in any job but if the industry is retracting that growth will be slow and you might have to change industries. Whenever you change industries you usually have to take a couple steps back and that can slow your career trajectory... Job one might not be as exciting but if you think long term you will find you way into very interesting meaningful work.

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angel’s Answer

Updated Hayward, California

I am a firm believe of controlling your own destiny in terms of how far you can move up in a company setting. Be a problem solver, go above and beyond your daily tasks, be willing to lend a hand to your co-workers. If you do all of those, you will find more opportunities being opened up for you in the company and provide you a chance to move up in your company.

Lauren’s Answer

Updated Portland, Oregon

Hey Dyllon, great question. My first suggestion would be to work hard to do well at the work you are assigned, so that you can proactively ask for additional work that is more complex or outside of your normal work load. This will show your managers that you are not just doing well in your current role, but also able to and interested in growing. In addition, talk to your manager about how you want to grow! Keep a list of your achievements and make sure to seek regular feedback from them (once a month at least). Good examples of questions to ask are 1.) how am I doing? 2.) What can I be doing better or what constructive advice can you offer me? 3.) I am interested in doing x,y,z; can I shadow you or work with you to skill up in those areas? I hope this helps and best of luck to you as you grow in your career!

Stefanie’s Answer

It is so great you are already thinking about career development! Seek out a mentor! Having someone to provide insight, and to just have dialogue with will help tremendously. Show that you want to grow within your organization. Take initiative to become a lead, and even be a mentor. Is there a project you can volunteer to lead, or can you help with new team members getting up to speed? Exemplifying leadership and desire for career progression will be noted among your management team.

Laura’s Answer

Updated Portland, Oregon

One of my favorite tactics for advancing within a company is this - when another employee leaves the company, study up on what they do, and offer to fill in the gaps for their manager while they're looking for a replacement (as time allows). In this way, you are networking within your own company, filling a hole in the workflow that will make a real difference to those around you, learning a new skill, and showing that you are proactive. These are all key traits in star employees, which is a big part of moving up in positions.

Laura recommends the following next steps:

  • From there, make sure the extra work you're doing is documented. Add those new skill sets to your resume, and talk to your manager in your weekly reviews about what you've taken on. Also be sure to let your manager know what your career goals are, where you'd like to be in 6 months, a year, 5 years. Develop a concrete plan with well defined goals to meet, so that once you check those boxes, you're on your way to a promotion!