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Does beng an Entreprenuer mean you have to strive for the highest degree?

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If you wanted to be an very Entreprenuer does that mean you wil have to strive harder? #business-development

2 answers

Eula’s Answer


Dear Sadie,

In everything you do in life, you have to strive harder. It doesn't matter if you are an entrepreneur, a mother, a doctor or a teacher. Business owners have to do this too.
You strive harder, not only for a degree, but to offer the best you can and the best of you to other people, who will give you money for what you offer to the market.

But don't let this be something that intimidates you, Quite the opposite!If anything, being an entrepreneur is exciting! it's exciting, you have new things to do everyday, You meet new people and new situations that you must handle.

You must have lots of energy for the day, be willing to wake up early and do stuff. You also must know a lot.
Before you jump in the pool, don't you first have to know how to swim? and once you know how to float and move arms and legs, anyone can throw you in the water and you will come up on top and have fun splashing it around.

This pool is the market out there. The swimming is the part where you have to handle the product you offer, and the people that work for you. Be fair and nice and know what you are doings, and you will have no problems swimming in the commercial arena.

One more thing; LOVE your product and what you do.
If you love it, you will love doing it. If you are offering an apple, make sure its the best apple, the biggest, the shiniest, the most delicious, the juiciest, the reddest and that you have the green apples, the yellow apples and the many red ones too. People will flock to you to try them, and they will give you money too.

That is what being an entrepreneur is all about. be bold, be confident, and be diligent and you will make it.
You will not strive, but you will work hard. It's not a pain, it's a pleasure.

Take a look at the wonderful animals in the animal kingdom. Not all of them are ferocious, not all of them are fast, not all of them are big. But they all are wonderful at taking care of their own clan.
Being an entrepreneur is not being the best, or the fastest, its about being BOLD. and you will find your nest.

A degree is necessary because you need knowledge to know what you are doing. But more important is the thing that you are doing. You need to understand money, and you need to understand the market ( the people who will buy from you) and you need to understand a concept called process.

In a nutshell, that is what being an entrepreneur is all about.
believe in yourself, and your passion will come to you as you go out there to seek it.
Study all that you can because no matter what you will do, you will need knowledge to do it.

let me know if this helps, OK?

Molly’s Answer


To be an entrepreneur, you will have to work extremely hard. Running your own business is challenging, especially if you are starting from nothing. I would say although a degree would be EXTREMELY helpful, it is not required to be an entrepreneur. Your success will depend on hard work, knowledge of how to run a business, and a great idea, but as I said getting a degree would give you a step ahead. Many schools offer entrepreneurship as a 4 year degree, so I would consider that. Otherwise any other 4 year business programs would be beneficial.