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Sadie May 25, 2017 838 views

What majors should you take up on if your going to college to be an Fashion Designer?

i woud like to know what majors will you have to take . What extra curriculars can you do or internships ? #fashion #career-details

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Sadie May 25, 2017 969 views

What majors should i take if i plan on being an Entreprenuer?

I would like to know If you are attending college to be an Entrepreneur what majors should you follow up on ? #business-development #career-details

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Sadie May 25, 2017 1012 views

Does beng an Entreprenuer mean you have to strive for the highest degree?

If you wanted to be an very Entreprenuer does that mean you wil have to strive harder? #business-development

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Sadie May 24, 2017 1158 views

How many do years do you have to go to college to start your own business?

I Would like to be an entrepreneur when i grow up so i would like to know how many years of college would you have to attend ? #business-management