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Jalen M. Feb 10, 2017 391 views

What are the benfits of being an engineer?

Can you work with neat tools and other stuff?...


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Shyheim L. Feb 21, 2017 544 views

What kind of education do you need to be a male model?

I wanna be a model cause I can dress an i wanna have something too fall back on in everything for my...

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Galina B. Apr 14, 2017 558 views

Is there a limit on study-abroads and internships?

This is a silly question I have. Is there a limit to the amount of semesters a college student can study abroad or intern? Is it different for every college? Do you know of anyone who went on a lot of study abroads or internships? #college #internships...


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Alex D. May 04, 2017 661 views

how much schooling does a veterinarian need?

I want to know how long i would have to go to school...


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Alex D. May 11, 2017 484 views

How long does an Interior Designer go to school?

I might consider being a interior designer, but I am not sure if I want to....


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Kobe J. May 12, 2017 427 views
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Rafe T. May 15, 2017 581 views

what tools do you need to get into nerf modding

my name is Rafe and i am 12 i am looking into a starter business so i can sell custom nerf mods on ebay or etsy and i need some help to find what do i need to start this up #tech...


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Kemi L. May 19, 2017 21492 views

What is a good GPA for computer science?

I just finished my first semester of computer science and have average grades so far. Was wondering what is typically considered a good gpa for cs....


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Josephine C. May 25, 2017 588 views

If you know coding, what high paying jobs are there?

I will be doing a coding internship over the summer and I was wondering if someone was to pursue it, what jobs can they land and if it gives good pay? #tech #coding...


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farha B. May 25, 2017 680 views
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Sadie R. May 25, 2017 601 views
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Sadie R. May 25, 2017 611 views

What majors should i take if i plan on being an Entreprenuer?

I would like to know If you are attending college to be an Entrepreneur what majors should you follow up on ? #business-development...