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Can becoming a police officer be difficult

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2 answers

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Caine’s Answer

There are both physical and mental challenges that present themselves to becoming a police officer.

You must attend the Police Academy and and you need to be in the top percentile of your class to be a candidate for most police departments.

Some departments such as the San Francisco Police Department or the California Highway Patrol have their own schooling requirements.

Additionally, your background check needs to be squeaky clean. Your credit and criminal history will play a major role in your eligibility to acquiring gainful employment in law enforcement.

Some basic steps to becoming a police officer: https://www.learnhowtobecome.org/police-officer/

  • Obtain high school diploma or GED. ...
  • Meet other minimum requirements. ...
  • Obtain a bachelor's degree (optional) ...
  • Pass the law enforcement entrance exam. ...
  • Graduate from the police academy. ...
  • Work toward a promotion.

San Francisco Police Office Requirements: https://www.how-to-become-a-police-officer.com/cities/san-francisco/

Joining an organization such as the "Police Explorers" in your area is also a great start. Here' a link to get you started: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_Enforcement_Exploring

Caine recommends the following next steps:


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Renee’s Answer

Yes, you must attend police academy

Renee, Thanks for this answer! What are the difficulties could you say here about becoming a police officer? How to overcome those difficulties like "police academy"? Jordan Rivera COACH