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What does an EMT do?

Asked Redwood City, California

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David’s Answer

In the State of California, they do a lot of emergency, and non emergency transporting. Several paramedic/fire services, use the basic EMT ambulance, for their own transportation. In other words, they have none. They use the fire engine, or rescue squad, to get the paramedics to the scene. But the private, basic ambulance will transport. You will assist the paramedic, if you're in the back. That experience alone, is priceless. Some counties in California, the paramedic is on the private ambulance and you will assist him, or her.

As far as, skill level, EMTs are trained in, basic emergency level care. This includes, spinal immobilization, extrication, basic wound and trauma care. Oxygen and airway therapy. (That is your most important skill.) Along with this, includes, the delivering of babies. I wasn’t sure if I could stomach that part, when I was eighteen. My first clinical rotation, in the OR, was the delivery room. And we delivered approximately, twenty five babies. I knew then, if I could stomach that, I could take it all. Google, EMT classes near Redwood City. That should help you a lot. David George ( Retired Paramedic)