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What type of training does a police officer need?

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2 answers

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Jacqueline’s Answer

Hi Emmanuel,

A police officer needs a variety of different training. To begin with, most law enforcement agencies now require a Bachelor's degree to become a police officer. Once hired with an agency, you will be sent to a police academy. The requirements of your State will determine how many weeks ( or hours) you will be in training. In the police academy you will learn the law and how to properly enforce issues, you will also have firearms training, arrest techniques, defensive driving, first aid, etc. You will study and learn the in's and out's of law enforcement. Once you have graduated from the academy, you would typically come back to your agency and be assigned to a field training officer for further department specific training such as their 911 CAD and records systems, internal IT systems, report writing, etc.

As a police officer you constantly have to keep up with your training. You will have mandatory firearms re -certifications throughout the year, first aid/CPR/AED/Narcan training, keeping up with new codes and state laws and many other things.

Good Luck!

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Kevin’s Answer

Initial Officer Training
Officers receive 18 months of extensive training and mentoring before earning their final State of Oregon Certificate.

Basic Academy: The State of Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) is mandated by statute to provide basic training for all law enforcement officers in Oregon. Basic Academy training is a 16-week program designed to develop basic skills in all the disciplines needed for performing patrol work in the more than 200 police departments throughout the state. Training involves classroom, skills, and scenario-based training.

Advanced Academy: Portland Police Officers attend a 12-week Advanced Academy subsequent to their 16-week Basic Academy. The Advanced Academy builds on the foundational training recruit officers receive at Basic and develops additional knowledge and skills recruits need for being effective and safe as Portland Police Officers. Training in the Advanced Academy is designed to develop higher levels of skill and confidence in communication, application of the law, decision-making, and tactics. Recruits develop a full range of knowledge and skills necessary for their work as Portland Police Officers. On average, the Bureau conducts two

Advanced Academies each year.

Field Training and Evaluation Program (FTEP): FTEP is an 18-month program that begins on the date an officer is sworn in. During FTEP, Field Training Officers (FTOs/Coaches) provide on-the-job training. Recruit officers train in a variety of patrol functions and receive weekly evaluations, progressing through six phases as they demonstrate competency in standardized tasks.

Recruit officers work a minimum of 24 weeks with a coach in the car with them. In the last months of FTEP, the coach serves as a mentor on the recruit’s shift. During FTEP, recruits work all three precincts, traffic rotate shifts, and have a minimum of four coaches.

Recruit officers and laterals all receive two to four days of training in alternatives to incarceration for youth. This is provided through our System Integration & Resource Network (SIRN) Program. It familiarizes them with current issues, programs available, and the youth services system.