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Jacqueline Falbo

Technical Account Manager
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Joliet, Illinois
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Michal’s Avatar
Michal Jun 12, 2019 509 views

What do I have to do to get a Criminal-Justice or Law-Enforcement

Hi I would like to do Law enforcement, what do I need to do to get into it.

Cynthia’s Avatar
Cynthia Jun 26, 2019 503 views

What is the best pathway to be a correctional officer?


Michal’s Avatar
Michal Jun 12, 2019 522 views

Where is the police training coarse

#police-officer #law-enforcement

Emmanuel’s Avatar
Emmanuel May 28, 2019 557 views

What type of training does a police officer need?


Michal’s Avatar
Michal Jun 12, 2019 412 views

What do I have to do to get into Criminal-Justice or Law-Enforcement?

#law enforcement

Seth’s Avatar
Seth Apr 02, 2019 488 views

What is your typical day like(hours,etc)


khamira’s Avatar
khamira Apr 30, 2019 6426 views

what are 3 interview questions you will ask ?


Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha Sep 01, 2017 815 views

What types of careers can I do with a major in Chinese?

I know Icould teach Chinese or be a translator, but what other jobs are there? #chinese

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Apr 17, 2019 628 views

how many years to be a FBA agent

I want to be abe to say " FBI OPEN UP" and i also waant to be a secret service member. #school #law-enforcement

Galicia’s Avatar
Galicia Apr 17, 2019 641 views

What Type of Things do you learn if i'm a police explorer?

I'm about to turn 14 and I'm honestly so excited for the future. Can't wait for what it holds for me. #police #police-officer #law-enforcement