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How do people advance in this field?

For examples cooking and getting a high position as a head chef. #cooking

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3 answers

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Leme’s Answer

Based on my experience, it depends on how much you know, how bad you want it and how good you are. Some of my peers I've known trained between 10-20 years to get where they're at working at very high-end restaurants. Some of my other peers detoured and took a gamble and decided to open their own cafes, restaurants and food businesses and have been very successful. It really depends on what your dreams and aspirations are.

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Ruben’s Answer

Lots of hard work and understanding. A strong kitchen has a lot of moving parts and many chances for things to go wrong , being able to address problems and find solutions is crucial.

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George’s Answer

The way to advance in the field of culinary arts is to gain experience. So you need to get a job in the culinary as soon as you decide this is what you want to do. A culinary degree helps, depending on the company your work for. Being in this field is hard work but rewarding. Good luck in you search for your career