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What is your typical day like?

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Annie’s Answer

I’m a few-for-service counselor mostly because I’m working on my clinical hours. I’ve graduated but have to continue working under a qualified supervisor for 2 years minimum before I can be licensed. So many of these jobs are very low paying. So I’m fee for service. That means I’m paid for the sessions I do and not paid it my client is a no-show. Mostly everyone is always where they need to be. We make between $32-$37/session. Each session is 53 minutes. I work for an agency and they give me clients. I work with 3 year olds - adults. During the summer my schedule is amazing because the kids are out of school. While school is in session my busy hours are 8:30-9:30 & 11:30-1 & 3-5:30. It’s kinda a bummer because I can’t just work straight through my job like an hourly position (as an example). But I do technically get to make my own schedule and do what I please between sessions. I’m required to do 20 sessions per week minimum. But there’s also travel, notes/assessments/treatment plans/other paperwork, phone calls, etc. so believe it or not, 20 sessions per week is busy!

But there are counseling jobs that are in a office where clients come to you. Some offices are open 8-5, as an example. Usually those people are licensed though.

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Luiza’s Answer

Hi Paola,

To become a counselor/therapist you need to get your Master Degree and then if you would like to get licensed you will need to do your residency in counseling.

Most counseling jobs are fee-for-service, so you will only get pay if you see the client. Before getting your licensed you will work under someone with the license and the pay varies state by state. After you get your license your pay increases.

While I was doing my residency I was working for a community agency setting where I worked from Monday - Thursday from 8am - 7pm. I usually seeing about 30 clients a week and some of them had double sessions so about 35-40 sessions. You can do your own schedule, but do not forget that most people work from 9-5pm, so if you only wants to see adult clients you will have to work evenings 4-8pm. The community agency setting you learn the most, so I would suggest you to start at a community setting agency and stay there until you are done with you residency.