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how did you begin you career?

what made you choice the career as registered nurse? nurse #nurse

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2 answers

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Anita’s Answer

After High school, I joined the National Guard and worked as HR specialist. I enjoyed interacting with soldiers on a daily basis and helping them with various personnel issues. I spoke to several people who worked in HR as civilians and was intrigued by the various roles in HR. I then decided to peruse my Bachelors and Masters in HR. It’s been the best career decision I made. I’ve had an opportunity to work as a Recruiter, Trainer, Labor Specialist and Human Capital Consultant. There are more opportunities in my filed and I look forward to getting into new positions.

Anita recommends the following next steps:

Speak to people in the career you are interested.

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Gabrielle’s Answer

I went to career fairs in college and started making network connections. I also worked part time in College for a company in the area which gave me real life experience. The first job I had after graduating college was through a company I had met at a career fair and my job gave me a lot of relevant experience that I was able to demonstrate in my interview.