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What are some jobs in the entertainment industry that make good money, but are also interesting?

I want a job that involves movies or books or something in the entertainment industry, but will also provide me a lot of money. Any ideas? I am into fantasy and I’m very creative and imaginative. A job that would let me use these skills would be perfect for me. #job-search

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2 answers

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Tiffany’s Answer


I have worked in a few different areas in the Entertainment industry that might be interesting for you!

Most of my work has been done in the theme park world-- through Disney and Universal. I have been a performer, but I found that I really enjoyed other aspects of the industry throughout my career.

I was a part of Youth Programs through Disney-- helping coordinate the performing arts groups that would come to the parks and perform or take workshops with professional musicians, dancers, singers, and actors.

I also worked in the Talent Casting department working with auditions and contracts for performers in the parks. We also worked with production assistants and event groups that would coordinate and put together large events like concerts and weddings.

Even now, I use what I learned with my Theater degree to help facilitate classes and tours (and even develop the content and scripts that go into them).

And all of that was just in theme parks! There are so many interesting opportunities within the entertainment field. I would encourage you to find the things you really enjoy doing and what motivates you. That can help you find the direction you can go in for this industry.

Good luck!

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Susie’s Answer

Hi there Scarlett!

There are so many different departments and roles in the entertainment industry and a lot of them are VERY interesting. I wouldn't say that any of them are going to make you a lot of money (in comparison to say...a famous actress!) but if you are good at your job (in any field) you should be successful. And success is measured in many different ways! If you LOVE going to your job everyday - isn't that worth more than making a lot of money?

I have worked in post-production for live-action and animated shows, edited video (assembled shows) and had them prepped for SFX/Foley before being sent out for broadcast. I have also animated on television shows. I've worked with actors, puppeteers, and animators, directors, and storyboard artist, musicians and foley artists, prop makers and even people who worked at "craft" - food services for our sets. I think everyone loved what they did, or they wouldn't have been there. You can meet all kinds of great creative people and learn new things as well if you get to become an assistant of someone like that.

Maybe you might want to use your creativity/writing skills to get into script writing for film, maybe you might want to start looking into set and prop building - where you can use your hands and imagination to build out some of those ideas. The possibilities are really endless - it's just a matter of getting your foot in the door somewhere. Either way - I would look into college courses for theatre, creative writing or even local productions and volunteer or try and get a job at one and work your way up from there. Everyone has to start somewhere!

If you are thinking of getting into the actual creative side of things "ON SCREEN" then I would look at film classes, special FX, or animation and acting.

Good luck!

Thank you Susie! I will definitely think about your advice when I choose what field I want to go into. I really appreciate it! Scarlett V.