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what would you recommend i do at this point to get this field?

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2 answers

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Khanh’s Answer

Hi Lindsey,

I agree with the previous comment. A robust portfolio is crucial for entering the field. Depending on your interest but most industry art jobs will require at least a college degree. The larger studios usually recruit in California schools because that's where their studios are based -- thus, getting your foot into the doors of those programs might be quiet helpful. Otherwise, there are plenty of marketing and illustration jobs that are scattered all over the country. I would also recommend establishing an online presence because it would expose your works to a larger audience.

Good luck!

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Susie’s Answer

Hi Lindsey!

Animation is a really fun and exciting industry to work in. I would ask if you have any background in art at all from high school or if you are planning on attending an animation program? You will need to provide a portfolio of artwork - and it can be in many types of media, but one thing that is very helpful in animation are life drawing classes. It allows you to study anatomy and joints - something you will use a lot when building out character designs and animating.