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How do I choose the right mental health career for me?

Asked Hoffman Estates, Illinois

I'm interested in understanding the differences between a clinical social worker, a licensed professional counselor, a clinical psychologist, and a psychiatrist. I’m particularly interested in understanding their different approaches or philosophies towards treating mental health. Currently, I'm on the pre-med track towards med school (mainly due to my interest in psychiatry), but I want to explore other career options.
If you are a mental health professional, here are a few questions: What initially drew you towards your career (what are your passions)? What do you love (or not love so much) about your career? What does your typical day look like? Please feel free to add anything else you think would be helpful :). #mental-health

1 answer

Dr.’s Answer

You need to focus on whether you want to be a TALK only therapist or a combo medical biological sciences & talk Doc. I always wanted to be a BRAIN Doc & pre-med Neurobiology Major & budding Neurologist until Year 3 Med School when I was clear that General Neuro was too dry & NOT for me. The combo or Neuro-Psychiatry was better, with my MD Psychiatrists very nice & cool & ore normal, with better life & schedule when off-duty. Pay for MDs, $200-300k, less than 1/2 for good PhD & less for Master level talk therapists. Being a MD is the 1st decision you need to make, them the type of Doc once finishing 4 years of diverse Med School, where you are REQUIRED to rotate through all Depts.