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Brenton Jan 22, 2018 526 views

How do I prepare for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)?

I'm currently a senior in high school and just wanted to know a bit more about how best to prepare for the MCAT in college. I am set on the medical path and hope to one day become a family physician. I just would like to get an idea of the test overall and some helpful study tips to best...

Jyra’s Avatar
Jyra Jul 26, 2019 372 views

What source is available for figuring out specifically which college/ university have Neuroscience programs?

#medicine #neuroscience #healthcare #medical-school

Gabrielle’s Avatar
Gabrielle Jul 11, 2019 372 views

How do I choose the right mental health career for me?

I'm interested in understanding the differences between a clinical social worker, a licensed professional counselor, a clinical psychologist, and a psychiatrist. I’m particularly interested in understanding their different approaches or philosophies towards treating mental health. Currently,...

Zola’s Avatar
Zola Jul 30, 2019 578 views

How do I become a Surgeon?

I want to become a trauma surgeon, but I don't think I'm smart enough. How do I excel at my studies and achieve the grades to do so? #medicine #doctor #surgeon

Sammiee’s Avatar
Sammiee Aug 07, 2019 381 views

Is it a busy career?

Naturopathic physician #medicine #physician

Theertha’s Avatar
Theertha Aug 06, 2019 266 views

what are the steps to become a pediatrician?

I am senior at high school. My aspiration is to become a doctor . #doctor #medicine

Isabel’s Avatar
Isabel Aug 07, 2019 235 views

How is the Environment in the medical field ?

#medicine -school