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What is the career option for my son after getting 70% in 10th CBSC in computer line?

Asked Kolkata, West Bengal, India

My son got 70% in 10th CBSC and want to get degree in computer line. We are belonging to Baroda city in Gujarat. He is much interested in hacking side as a possitive and creative way, also want to learn and experiment new things in computers. He is very excited to make career in computer line and get job in a world famous company like google. His dream is big and want to make true by choosing right career and hard working. . He wants to do 11th science first and our opinion for Diploma in IT. So, please advise that he should do 11th science or any Diploma and then Degree. We are too much confuse to choose his line after 10th CBSC. #career-options

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Varun’s Answer

Updated Muscat, Oman

He should try to focus on doing the Computer Science CBSE stream in 11th and 12th. Also, he should then focus on going to a goo university to study Computer Science (not IT or computer engineering), and his dream can come true in that way.