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what does it take to make it into plumbing

im looking to start my own career #business

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Gilbert’s Answer

Go to a trade school and learn the codes and get hands on training...it will be if it you later when you apply for Plumbing Jobs, if you like making people happy, then this is the job for you...read, learn and go to Plumbing trade shows...Plumbing is a Million dollar industry. You can Be a Service and Repair Technician, Drain Technician, New Construction Plumber, Plumbing Sales Person at a Supply House, Lead Plumber, Plumbing Inspector etc..the list goes on...No matter how you learn Plumbing you can really benefit from it..you’ll never go hungry...Also you can be a Backflow Technician..do your research in the Plumbing Industry...when you tell people your a Plumber you’ll be surprise how much business you’ll get..So go to a Plumbing Trade School and learn the Plumbing Codes and make sure you get Hands On Training..Good Luck Wishing You The Best a Of Luck!

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Jaycee’s Answer

There are a few steps to be a plumber, whether you want to work for a company or be an independent contractor. Plumbing is a trade that requires some additional training and being involved in apprenticeship before receiving your license.

If you want to become a plumber, here are the steps to take. 

  1. Get your high school diploma or GED. A plumber needs a foundation in math (i.e., algebra and geometry), science (i.e., physics) and computers (i.e., computer-aided drafting). If offered, you may also want to take classes in drafting and blueprint reading.
  2. Get your vocational training. Take plumbing vocational classes at a trade school or technical or community college. The certificate you earn will be on the topics of water supply and drainage systems, as well as their respective piping equipment.
  3. Find trade schools in your area here.
  4. Complete an apprenticeship program. To receive the most comprehensive training on how to be a plumber, take part in an apprenticeship program. Apprenticeships run either 4 or 5 years and cover all aspects of the trade. You can find more information about Apprenticeships here.
  5. Get licensed. A majority of states require that you have a plumber’s license. Although licensing standards aren’t uniform, 2-5 years of experience and passage of an exam of the plumbing trades and local codes are typical requirements. To learn the specific qualifications, licensing needs and training hours necessary to become a plumber in your region, please click here.