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What would you have done differently when it comes to your career

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I'm a high school graduate that attends a training program for Automotive mechanical. Looking to eventually have my own shop and not have to work for the rest of my life to live good #career #business

6 answers

Tanya’s Answer


I would have aligned myself with successful leaders sooner. Specifically I would have been less shy about reaching out to a leader I admired to ask them questions about their career and ask for their guidance.

Gretchen’s Answer


I went to graduate school immediately after finishing college, seeking two degrees from an expensive private university.

If you aren't 100% sure what you want to do, I suggest getting some work experience before diving into the graduate school pool. Use this work experience to determine what type of career or job you want, and then determine if/where/how to do advanced coursework. If I had done this, I might have been clearer about my career path sooner and chosen and pursued my advanced degrees a little more strategically (like only getting one graduate degree instead of two, or seeking out courses, professors, internships that I knew would help me move into the career of my choosing.)

David’s Answer


Hi Angel,

Excellent question!

One of the most important things I have learned in my career is that the earlier you identify (i) what you are good at; and (ii) what you enjoy doing, the earlier you will see success in your career (however you measure success). Too many people listen to others telling them what they are good at and what should make them happy.

You cannot take shortcuts on hard work and dedication but you can avoid taking longer routes to success by understanding yourself, understanding what you are good at and understanding what makes you happy.

Good luck!


Alexandra’s Answer


Hi Angel, this is a very good question. I think I would have done a couple of things differently. I have listed them below:

  1. I would have spoken up when I had ideas even if they might be wrong
  2. I would have kept networking with people who are both in the same careers as me but also in other careers
  3. I would have found mentors who understand my strengths and challenges

I think being proactive and speaking up about what you want and believe is the most important factor in a career outside of working hard and learning constantly.

Amber’s Answer


I would have worked for a reputable well-known company right after college instead of starting my own business right after I finished school. While I learned a lot from starting my own company from the ground up, I unfortunately learned a lot of mistakes on my own expense. However, if I worked for a company I could have learned professional business experience while having my own company on the side and probably learn those same mistakes on the company's expense and not my own.

Honey’s Answer


Find your passion and pursue it! Don't settle for a career that doesn't bring out the best in you.

I highly encourage reading " "How will you live your life" by Clayton M. Christensen. Too often we chase the $$ instead of pursuing our passion!