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What can you do with a dance major?

I dont want to be restricted in what I can do with a dance major. dance college art

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2 answers

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David’s Answer

You can also use your dance studies to help you become a kinesiologist, physical therapist, choreographer, stage director, and many other career paths where an intimate understanding of the human body and what it is capable of is helpful.

But if you want to dance, follow that path passionately to become the best dancer you can be, and the studies to understand yourself and your body and how it works (sand sometimes doesn't) will be useful to you in the future as well.

I am a Stage Manager and have worked in ballet and modern dance companies, as well as theater, musical theater, opera, concerts, and corporate events. I was never a dancer, but my horizons have expanded as i found new places to use the skill sets I studied and learned in high school and college and eventually graduate school.

Enjoy the journey and learn from your colleagues and mentors.

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Alexandra’s Answer

Hi Tiara,

Thank you for a great question. Let me be honest: I considered being a dance major but decided to go with political science and now I am an attorney. But I took many dance classes, participated in some performances and I have a blog about rhythmic gymnastics and dance. I would say that you can do many things with a dance major, but the main things are the following: you can teach, you can perform, you can be a dance therapist or you can join a theater as a non-performer. Many of my friends who were dance majors became college or high school teachers. Some of them did that right away and others joined a dance company, danced well into their 30s or 40s and then chose teaching .There is also a discipline called dance therapy, which is similar to art and music therapy: you help patients with varying degrees of medical problems to feel better. You could also work for a dance company in a management/non-performer capacity. For example, you can be an agent, recruiter, director, stage worker, and even costume designer. I would say that every dancer dreams of being on stage. But it is quite fine and can be wonderful to do other things with your ability and love for dance. Think about where you see yourself in 10 years. I know it is a difficult question but all good questions are. Think about your dreams and creative pursuits. Imagine dance as an opportunity, not a constraint. Good luck!

Thank you Alexandra. I really appreciate your feedback. Tiara D.
Nice answer! David Coffman
Thank you! Happy to help. Alexandra Grashkina-Hristov