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what are three important things i should know about this job?

I am a student and I am learning welding student

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2 answers

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Marcie’s Answer

The first suggestion is that if you have any experience to try and learn what is being taught. Many times people come into the profession thinking they know what they are doing and actually exhibit poor habits. Take what you are learning professionally seriously.

Through my source's suggestion, he learned welding through unions because they offer some of the best specific welding opportunities out there for not only learning it but for getting a job as well. And, doing so, you get paid to work through learning it.

One of the thing's my source suggested about knowing what to expect would be related to work ethic. Oftentimes, the job can exceed long hours and need attentiveness throughout those long hours.

I'm a professor of English, but my father has been welding for over twenty years, which is where I am getting this information.
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Luke’s Answer

All I can tell you is that a lot of countries have huge demand for welders so it might be fun to go work in Australia for a few years and make big $. Look into skilled labor visas in those countries.