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Madeline C. Mar 14, 2018 245 views
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Joi I. Apr 05, 2018 270 views

How much student loans can I take with a mechanical engineering starting salary

I am a mechanical engineering sophomore and I recently learned my parent can only contribute about 5% of my college finances. What is an affordable, realistic amount I can take out in student loans so I don't drown in student debt? For more information, I live in New Jersey and my dream job...

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Autumn H. Aug 18, 2018 201 views

How do I ease my inevitable college debt?

I need financial aid and even with aid I will be in debt which may concern my future career choices. #finance #debt...


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Grace R. Jul 08, 2019 119 views

Is a Masters worth it for unlicensed Architects

Is getting a #masters degree (in Historic Preservation) worth the time, money, and effort following an undergrad in #architecture if I don’t intend to pursue licensure? It’s my understanding that as an Architectural Designer, I may be taken more seriously with a Masters degree as well as the...

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Why do some higher degrees offer a less salary?

One of the things I would like to pursue is becoming an entrepreneur or working as an architect. Well for one thing, I would like to run my own things, for example running my own business, or being able to draw a drawing on a piece of paper and later making it into a house or building....

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Why should I pick Johnson and Wales College?

I like to draw. When I draw I either draw animate or cartoons characters #art...


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Emily C. Mar 16 143 views

Does this recession mean I might not be able to get a job when I graduate?

I am currently an architecture student with a planned graduation in 2022, what does the #covid19 recession mean for the job market in regards to architecture? I was intending to practice for a few years before going to grad school, but does this mean I should start considering/planning to go to...

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Nathan B. Apr 01 57 views

How do I become an architect, via education?

I love buildings and designing Legos, and have always loved buildings things. I am also very good at math. I am going t o take German in high school. Not sure what college though. #architect and...