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Brayan Sep 22, 2021 609 views

Do pharmacist go into debt? If so how much on average?

I want to know if this career will involve me trying to pay back lots of debt. I want to pay as minimal as possible #financial-planning #debt

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Brayan Sep 22, 2021 486 views

What colleges are best for pursuing a career in Pharmacy? I prefer a private college but i'm interested in finding which is the best one for that career.

I want to know what college is the best for this career. I prefer one that a private since I want all my hard work to pay off. I'm thinking a retail pharmacist as a possible career. #college #career-choice

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Brayan Sep 22, 2021 535 views

How long will it take for one to become a pharmacist?

I'm considering this career. I am 16 years old and want to know further about what it takes to become a pharmacist. #pharmacist