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whats the most difficult thing about your job?

Asked El Paso, Texas

I am a student at job corps wanting to be welder #job-search

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Dave’s Answer

Updated Portland, Oregon

Any job can have its ups and downs. Just depends on how you look at things. In almost every job, you will have a dedicated time that you have to be available and this can get tedious sometimes. Also, upper management can be really hit or miss sometimes. There are instances where you will get really great bosses who will encourage you to succeed and be there for you when you need it. And then there are those who can be harsh and micro-manage (try and control everything you do).

Other than that, repetition can really bug people, so try and find variety in what you do.

Dave recommends the following next steps:

  • Really do some research into the company you are thinking of applying for. There are plenty of websites like Glassdoor that lets current and former employees rate and talk about the company. This might help you make a decision into whether you want to apply at all.