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How can I choose my career?

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Patrick’s Answer


As others have already advised, what you do with your life professionally should connect with what you are interested in and what you are passionate about. Thinking about the core elements in your life that motivate you. Which subjects energize you at school, and why? These are areas you should definitely further explore. Additionally, on a practical note, you should also try to understand what kind of jobs and careers are growing and in-demand. You should not necessarily choose your career only because that field/industry is hiring, but you should have an understanding of what kind of jobs are being created, and where they are being created, especially if you want to stay in a particular area/region. And then based on your interests/passion and job market, you have an opportunity to explore jobs and careers that are meaningful to you, and can help you sustain your/your family's livelihood. And remember that a career evolves and changes as you evolve and change. What you decide to do now does not necessarily lock you into a single career/job for the rest of your life. Good luck to you!

Patrick recommends the following next steps:

  • Make a list of all of the subjects that are interested to you. What subjects give you energy?
  • Make a list of jobs and industries that are growing. Identify regions/areas where these jobs are being created.
  • Make a list of make-have items for you: is there a certain place you need to live in, are there certain work environments that suit you best, etc. These will help inform what is important to you when decisions are needed.
  • Look at the intersection of your lists - what do the subjects/jobs/locations/other factors have in common?
  • Remember that what you decide to do now does not lock you into this job/career for the rest of your life. You will learn and grow, and your career will evolve with you. Have fun exploring.

bryan’s Answer


Great question! And much like the other answers on here, I am not sure you will know what you want until you start figuring out your interests and what you feel passionately about. Do you like to work with other people, helping and counseling them; or do you like to work with animals? May something completely different where you want to work with computers or engineering, or perhaps you enjoy science and biology? Maybe all or maybe none.

It's a tough decision, and it will probably change as you learn new things through your professional and personal life. I started out studying astronomy, then went to philosophy, and ended up working on project management and process improvement for internet companies... Where I am is nowhere close to where I started. But I have loved every minute of it!

Don't think that whatever choice you make now is the one that you will have to stick with for the rest of your life. You can modify and change and make the world whatever you want it to be. Take your time, figure out what you like by trying it, experiencing it, and by living it. You can always change something if you don't like it and learn from the past.

bryan recommends the following next steps:

  • Make a list of the areas of life that you feel you are passionate about, or that you want to make a difference in.
  • Study a little on each of those areas and you will have some that you go back to over and over again.
  • Look for internships or career development workshops in the fields you have chosen. Talk to friends, family, parents, about those fields and why they are in them. Look on forums and see what is necessary to work in those fields.
  • Apply!

Rachael’s Answer


Hi James,

Great question! I would highly recommend taking a career assessment to determine which fields might possibly suit you. You know yourself best so take the results with a grain of salt. If you truly don't think you'd be interested in pursuing one of the results, then don't include it! I would suggest finding someone within the field to inquiry with/interview in order to get a first-hand perspective of what that line of work is like. You can start with your network (family, friends, relatives, etc.). If someone in your network in not within the field of interest, perhaps someone in their network is. If you are interested after speaking with them I would suggest you ask to shadow within that field in order to get an idea of the day to day is like. A major can lead to many different career paths, I would suggest you complete as many different internships as possible throughout your college career to get insight into each to determine which you like most.

Best of luck.

Rachael recommends the following next steps:

  • Take a career assessment
  • Utilize your network to find professional in the field
  • Inquiry with a professional in the field
  • Shadow a professional in the field
  • Intern a at a company pertaining to the career of choice

JaNelle’s Answer


Hey James! What do you like to do? What are you good at? What do you do, on the regular without being told to do? For example, read , write , play a sport or an instrument. For me, growing up I was often found writing and drawing around the clock because I enjoyed it. There is no wrong answer here, and you are at a great place to explore multiple career paths.

JaNelle recommends the following next steps:

  • Answer the questions, I proposed.
  • See what schools/colleges offer the subject or creative field it follows under.
  • Next, see what degrees are offered per subject or field.
  • Then narrow down colleges that offer that degree.
  • Find volunteer services that involve your career choice to see if you like it.

Stacy’s Answer


Think about your interests and other things that you like. If you don't know what to choose, perhaps it would be a good idea to try different things at the same time and choose what is more appropriate for you. You will find out something new, which is great because new skills or knowledge could be very helpful for you and your future. Also it is useful to know what possible advantages and disadvantages this or that profession has. You have to find out what people in this profession do in their working hours, find out how much free time they have and maybe have a conversation with some professionals in the field of interest.

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Stacy recommends the following next steps:

  • Think about your interests
  • Find out what people in this profession do in their working hours
  • Find out how much free time they have
  • Find out what the career development potential could be
  • Have a conversation with some professionals in the field of interest and write a list of the advantages and disadvantages